Everyone has a unique sense of style that matches their unique personality. Your style is displayed in your home through your furniture, art, colors (or lack thereof), etc… There are so many different styles of homes to go along with your preferences. From modern to contemporary to traditional to rustic, there are countless ways a home can be styled both inside and out.

Modern house

The modern home can be characterized as a style with clean lines, a basic color palette and overall simplicity. Materials commonly used for a modern style consist of metal and steel.

sub Contemporary house

The contemporary style mimics similarly to the modern style. It is rather easy to confuse these similar areas of decor. Contemporary styles have more sophistication. The focus with creating a contemporary style is to design a space based off of shape and color. Texture is an important element in contemporary styled homes. The interior of a contemporary designed space will always be fresh, effortless and sleek.

Rustyc house

The rustic style is a popular style right now. Rustic homes offer a rugged feel. This style is inspired deeply by nature. The colors tend to be earthy. There’s a sense of warmth involved in the rustic style from the deep colors and textures. Farmhouse style is similar. Farmhouse style does have some rustic design elements. However, the farmhouse style tends to include a group of accessories and furniture that may me made of mixed metals and various textures.


Retro is fun, vibrant and spunky. Retro can include both old and new items. This decor is greatly influenced by the 60s and 70s decades. It allows a person to live in a space designed with a contrast in finishes, colors and shapes.
Design and decorate your home according to the style you most like. If you’re feeling a bit bold, mix and combine styles. Playing around with multiple styles in your home is just as stylish. Make it the home you want to come home to!